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About Us

We are passionate foodies who work to ensure everyone gets the best meal and the best deal out of their food. We have been called the ‘National leaders in In-House Catering Solutions’ (Educatering Magazine, 2009). ESSL is London’s only black owned food consultancy. We are an innovative catering consultancy company that assist schools to provide the best possible food, health, education and skills for life for their pupils.

A unique consultancy within the education sector, ESSL works in partnership to make school meals an integral part of education and the learning process, and the ESSL team strives constantly to achieve innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


We provide a wide range of services to Schools, Organisations, Government Departments and Businesses

In House Catering Support

We partner with schools to provide them with the services that enable them to take their food provision services In-House.

Advisory Services

We offer a wide range of advisory services to schools, organisations, government departments and private businesses in the UK and internationally

Service Reviews

We help schools and organisations to optimise their food provision, services and get the very best out of their catering and the environment


Menu Design, Planning & Process

Our process is an award winning, pupil-centric framework to transform your food in your school environment and beyond.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

We create unique quality assurance and monitoring frameworks for your school or business to ensure the highest standards where it matters.


Staff Development & Training

We provide specific training and development solutions to enhance and nuture your team and grow your food business.

Our Team



Kemi Atijosan MBA, MIH, FRSA

Kemi Atijosan MBA, MIH, FRSA

Managing Director


With 30+ years of experience in the Food Services Industry, Kemi has run ESSL for the last 18 years. Kemi is passionate about food, schools and food being an integral part of education. She is a current member of the London Food Board which is an advisory role to The Mayor of London on creating and delivering The London Food Strategy.

Yinka Ewuola

Yinka Ewuola



Yinka is an Economics Graduate with an Investment Banking background and a slightly unhealthy passion for spreadsheets, systems and order (you should see her handwriting!).

She looks after our Business and Product Development Functions and well as all things numbers, new clients relationships and new market opportunities.
Lanre Atijosan

Lanre Atijosan



Lanre is a Social Policy Graduate who has a natural passion and proven aptitude for projects. She has worked in a number of different industries and continues to use her gained expertise across a number of different roles at Eagle Solutions Services Ltd. Lanre works on specific projects with partner schools in addition to a comms role.



We are not a catering contractor and if you are simply collecting comparison quotes for your food service, then you are really missing the point.

Having an In-House Catering Solution means the children are the shareholders of the food service.

Being In-House gives you control and flexibility and the ability to decide what, where and how your food service is delivered. You determine quality of your school meals and sourcing ingredients responsibly will save your school money.

Being In-House also gives you the autonomy to leverage the power of school food as a business entity. This means you can generate income from your food service to support other areas of your school.


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

what does ess actually do?

Great question, and it depends on who you are as to what the actual answer is... but whether are supporting schools with food provision and education, or supporting families with fantastic food and experiences our mission is to transform the lives of the next generation using the power and inspiration of food.

our school food is awful, can you help?

Absolutely. And the thing is, that we can help in a number of different ways depending of what is best for your school. We can help you ask the right questions, support you to improve what you have or help you to ditch what you have and get something all together better, but we feel really strongly that bad food has no place in schools and we're making it our mission to eliminate it altogether.

We are seeing more children coming in hungry, and families with food insecurity. can you help?

It's incredibly concerning just how many families are struggling in what is one of the richest economies in the world, and yet there is much that can be done, with a joined up approach to school food, looking at supplies, looking at care and welfare throughout the day, and having a joined up approach to food across the school - which is support that we specialise in

our budget is super tight and getting tighter, can you help us make sure WE ARE GETTING VALUE FOR MONEY?

Absolutely, and we can do this in a number of different ways. We can help in your existing framework, as well as considering how in house catering can definitely make the manditory school food spend as valuable and cost effective as possible. Tight budgets aren't new in education, even so - getting value for money is a constant challenge and one that we need to make sure we help schools with.

what's this whole in house catering stuff all about?

In House catering is an incredible way to solve many of your school food problems, by taking control of the service, directly hiring the staff and having a joined up and comprehensive approach to all your school food needs. No more 6 different people dealing with food in your school and last minute runs to the supermarket!

Packed lunches are a challenge at our school. Can you help?

Don't worry, packed lunched are a challenge in many schools - and that's often because of how food is thought about and dealt with in schools. We can support with policy work, parent workshops, recipe cards and a implementation system to ensure that every child at your school has a great meal and is set up for great learning and school experiences


Here’s What Some of Our Clients Say

The team are Professional, knowledgeable, ethical, passionate, inspirational and driven.

After a very long search and a vertical learning curve we were delighted to find ESS. The ESS service is remarkable and the change the company promotes is much-needed in the school food industry. The ESS service is exactly what we wanted. Thank you, ESS, for doing the work you do!”

Julie Matthaeus

Founding Board Member, Halcyon International School

“What we’ve been able to achieve with Eagle Solutions is nothing short of amazing. The change that has been brought about in the whole school based on the changes we’ve made to our catering service has made my life so much easier. Even though we’re running it ourselves, it’s actually saved me so much more time. I have nothing but praise for the Eagle Team.”

Cal Shaw

Headteacher, Chestnuts Primary School

“It has been a great experience working with you – your passion and commitment to ensuring the best food is served day in, day out for our pupils is amazing. Thank you for all you have done.”

Liz Robinson

Executive Headteacher, Surrey Square Infant and Junior School

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